Université de Montréal Scholarships 2021

Canada is the United States of America’s Northern Region, which offers permanent residency to many people every year. So, the Université de Montréal scholarships 2021 are announced under Canada International scholarships for B.S., MS & PHD to All Nationality Holder worldwide. You can apply for P.R. here in Canada even after completing your degree, and you can also do a part-time job here during your Canadian Degree. There are 600 different courses at the Université de Montréal in Canada, so you are sure to find the one you are looking for.

This university is one of Canada’s Premium University, offering quality education to domestic & international students at a fair cost.

It’s surprising, but actually, a positive thing that 353,000 students do part-time work in Canada to cover expenses. The goal of this new program is to assist the best talent from all over the world. By enriching the cultural diversity of the Université de Montréal scholarship group, international students will help to fulfill our educational task. So we’re going to help you to apply for this scholarship, and you may think you ‘re late, but you can’t apply for it yet. Canada Vanier Graduate Scholarships for Masters leading to PhD and PhD

Université de Montréal Scholarships 2021 | Canada International Scholarship

Canada International Scholarship Details

  • Country: Canada
  • Deadline:1st September 2020.
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Funded
  • University: Université de Montréal

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Université de Montréal Scholarships 2021 Degree & Courses

  • Graduate:(Masters, Specialized Graduate Diploma)
  • Graduate: Doctorate
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Undergraduate: Bachelors, Certificate

List of Study Programs At Université de Montréal

  • Theology And Religious Sciences
  • Teaching And Education Sciences
  • Social Sciences And Social Action
  • Social Sciences
  • Literature And Languages
  • Life Sciences
  • Law
  • Information And Communications Technologies
  • Humanities
  • Health Sciences
  • Fundamental And Applied Sciences
  • Environmental Planning And Design
  • Environment And Sustainable Development
  • Economics And Politics
  • Communication
  • Arts And Music
  • Administration And Management Sciences

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Scholarship Amount

Undergraduate Degree

This Canadian Université de Montréal Scholarships will cover your tuition fee at a defined rate only. The amount of coverage for the scholarship depends only on the previous Academic percentage of points. Check below, then:

Rate A: $11,998 annually (2 sessions, 30 credits equivalent) or $5,999 a session (15 credits) or $399 per credit

Rate B: $5,718 annually (2 sessions, 30 credits equivalent) or $2,859 a session (15 credits) or $190,60 per credit

Rate C: $2,000 annually (2 sessions, 30 credits equivalent) or $1,000 a session (15 credits) or $66.67 per credit

Master Degree

$9,420 per annum (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 Credits) or $3,140 per session (equivalent to 15 credits).

PHD Degree 

$19,339 yearly (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 credits) or $6,546 per course (equivalent to 15 credits) for the whole duration of your studies.


Eligibility Criteria

• Who holds a research permit, and who are not permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

• Who will be studying full time during their studies in the research program

• Who would not benefit from another form of exemption from tuition fees by a different policy. Francophone students in France and Belgium, for example, also benefit from this form of exclusion.

How To Apply For Université de Montréal Scholarships

Until completing the application form, make sure that the submission deadlines are respected and that you review the admission conditions of your choice for study programs.

A few days after submitting your application for admission, you can receive your “Student Center” access codes. It is the place where you will track your use and obtain an acceptance letter from your bid.


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