Fully Funded International Master Scholarships Guide

International Master Scholarships Guide


The primary purpose of this Fully Funded International Master Scholarships Guide is to provide maximum complied data to the master’s scholarship aspirants as we searched and applied for different scholarships, so we decided to share with others. We have compiled this data from various sources, Fb groups, and other people’s posts.

The process of the scholarship is time taking. It requires patience, so while applying for international master scholarships, be consistent, and apply for every scholarship you come across. You should have the courage to accept rejection with a big heart and motivation to apply repeatedly. You will face rejections, so keep on improving your applications consistently and try your best. Also, don’t think your GPA is not enough, and you will not get acceptance; instead, apply and take your chance. You can also improve your profile with online courses (Coursera offers financial aid so you can do classes for free), better IELS score, extracurricular activities, and presenting reasonable future goals in the SOP.

General Guideline for International Master Scholarships 

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • CV
  • GRE requirement varies from country to country
  • IELTS/TOEFL is required at the time of application for most universities in the world. Some do accept your English proficiency certificate. Some common general requirements
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • Motivation Letter/Statement of Purpose (SOP)/Research Proposal
  • Without a passport, you cannot apply as a passport is your identity internationally.

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SOP Guideline 

Before writing SOP, make sure you have searched a program properly you are going to apply. The SOP should not be generic; instead, it should reflect that it is written explicitly for this program. To do that, read the program’s website thoroughly at least a couple of times to know what they want from a student. An ideal SOP should emphasize your skills, strength, and rationalize any evident weakness, should reflect your purpose behind applying for the particular program.

My suggestion is to start writing SOP with just a bullet point stating all your skills and strength relevant to the program. Think of SOP as a virtual interview, imagine a person asking you about skills and how you can contribute to their program, and then write the answers you think you would have given if it were a real interview. Don’t look for other’s SOP as those points will be in your mind rather than thinking what your actual capabilities are. If you write and mold your story on your own, it will surely make it unique.

To do all that, make sure you have searched the program correctly, you know yourself well, and it must match your interest as well as your academic background.

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Critical points for writing SOP 

I am writing is not ideal, but the purpose is to define the key points you should consider. And obviously, you can alter them according to your thinking/situation.

  • Start with your motivation; that is why you chose to be an engineer (your undergrad degree) and what led you to do the specific degree precisely.
  • Describe your educational background briefly and state what you learned during your undergrad. I don’t recommend writing subjects like I studied thermodynamics and is related to the master program I am applying for; they can see that from the transcript. Write subjects only if you have a special thing to say out of that course or any other thing except just mentioning them. For Final Year Project (FYP), don’t just write. I did this because you will mention what you did in your CV. Mentioned what problem you solved or its prospect, what you learned, and how you can apply it in your intended area of study.
  • Write about your job, if you have any, and internships you did and tell what you learned there rather than just writing your job responsibilities, which is a part of the CV. Also, write about extracurricular activities and what you learned from them.
  • After writing this, link your past with your future correctly, starting from choosing this specific MS program. Describe what you are expecting from the program, how will it help you overcome your weakness (don’t state directly that this is my weakness, etc.), and what skillset you will have developed after this program (to do that, read their aims of outcomes from the website of the program).
  • Then, further, link this MS program with your career goals. Describe your career goals adequately and state how this MS program can be a bridge to achieve your career goals.
  • Lastly, conclude your SOP with clear objecting, which should be in line with all the things you have written.
  • Linking everything is essential, so make sure there are flow and linkage between each line and paragraph. Please make sure you get it proofread from someone as it will help you know what the reader perceives of the SOP you have written. Try to see if it reflects what you wanted to say.

NOTE: SOP reflects the other side of the transcript and CV. Make sure not to repeat the things written in the transcript/CV in your SOP. In SOP, write what you learned, what skillsets you built, how it changed our personality rather than just saying I did this, and this or merely writing your job responsibility as you so in the CV.

Top international Master Scholarships

International Master Scholarships Guide

Erasmus Mundus International Master Scholarships

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) is an international scholarship offered by the European Union. The students have a chance to complete their master’s degree jointly offered by multiple universities. The student studies in at least two universities in Europe (Sometimes outside Europe too).

International Master Scholarships Guide

EMJMD offers masters in almost all fields and changes every year depending upon the funding, so always check the EMJMD catalog to check the provided master programs. Out of all these available master programs, you can apply to a maximum of three programs, and if you apply for more than three programs, all of your applications will be rejected. They keep track of applications using your passport, so never apply for more than three master programs.

The master programs are interdisciplinary to find mechanical engineering programs, electrical engineering, etc. Therefore, you need to find a program relevant program. Go through all the program and check if you are eligible or not, and then amongst all the program you qualify for, apply for the three programs that are of your interest and relevant to you.

Each program has its deadlines and requirements, so it doesn’t mean you are eligible for all the programs if you are eligible for one. The condition varies like some programs that LOR should be from an academic institute. In contrast, there is no such requirement to submit from an educational institute and your workplace for others. For some program, SOP must be of 1 page or have words/characters limits while others have no limits, so always check the requirement properly.

As the master’s program is jointly offered, so have multiple universities in the consortium, with one university being the program coordinator. In case of any queries, you can contact the coordinator but always confirm that what you will ask is not on the website. Also, join the Erasmus Mundus Association- Pakistan, a group on Facebook where you can connect to alumni or current students of the program you are applying for and is very helpful. But keep in mind, never ask them to provide their SOP, etc. as people stop helping if you ask for these things, so better ask for a guideline or critical points.

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It would be best if you had IELTS at the time of application. Some programs allow you to apply for an English proficiency certificate but better to have IELTS as IELTS have marks to help you win scholarships. There is no bond to return to Pakistan after completing the master’s degree; you can work or further pursue a PhD afterward.

Fulbright International Master Scholarships

International Master Scholarships Guide

Fulbright provides you a fully-funded opportunity to study (both Masters and PhD) in the USA funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The grant covers tuition fees, stipend, health insurance, and one return air ticket for master students. The stipend amount varies from state to state.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is compulsory for applying for the scholarship while submitting your TOEFL later if you get selected. Candidates are first shortlisted based on their application and are later interviewed in Islamabad. These shortlisted candidates are required to submit the TOEFL score. After the student is selected, Fulbright places you in different universities according to your interest, priorities, GRE, and TOEFL score.

Usually, 150-170 applicants get selected every year from Pakistan. At the time of application, you must be residing in Pakistan. You have to sign a bond with USEFP to return to Pakistan immediately after completing your degree in the USA and serve in Pakistan for two years (for master students). For full bright, besides your study’s objectives, you have to write a Personal Statement that is different from a Statement of purpose.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The UK government offers the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) for postgraduate studies in every field (except MBA) in the UK. CSC doesn’t accept the direct application, so it must be made through a nominating agency (HEC is the nominating agency in Pakistan). HEC nominates the candidates, so it is not an HEC scholarship. You have to apply on both commonwealth as well as HEC sites. Initially, scrutiny is done by HEC either through a test/interview or both. Shortlisted candidates’ names are forwarded to CSC, and CSC then selected candidates nominated by HEC and offer them a scholarship. Moreover, CSC is just a funding agency, so you will have to secure university admission by yourself. On the safer side, apply for the universities at the same time as the scholarship is open.

The funding is mostly for one year as the UK offers a 1-year course-based master’s degree and is accepted worldwide (including Pakistan), and you are eligible for a PhD afterward. After the master, you have to return to your home country and serve for two years.

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As Erasmus, the competition is not worldwide, so Pakistan has fixed seats.

The application requires you to answer multiple questions, including short- and long-term study plans, Leadership qualities, personal statements, etc. (the scholarship is not just based on the SOP and recommendation letters).

Your fee is waived, and you get a living allowance of £1,084 per month or £1,330 per month for those at universities in the London metropolitan area.

Official Link: Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 

It has separate applications and deadlines from commonwealth scholarship. The Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are ‘shared’ financially between the Commonwealth Commission in the UK and Host University. The Commission pays your tuition fees, and the University you attend pays your living stipend.

Each participating UK university will conduct its recruitment process to select a specified number of candidates to be awarded Commonwealth Shared Scholarships. Universities must put forward their selected candidates to the CSC. The CSC will then confirm that these candidates meet the eligibility criteria for this scheme.

Your fee is waived, and you get a living allowance of £1,084 per month or £1,330 per month for those at universities in the London metropolitan area. Universities list under shared scholarship.

Chevening International Scholarship Program 

Chevening scholarships provide you an opportunity to study in the UK. The duration of the scholarship is 1-year (just like commonwealth) and is accepted worldwide.

The scholarship is more based on your leadership qualities and networking, along with your career plans.

It is essential to mention you need to mention three universities and the course you want to study in those selected Universities. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ADMISSION LETTER FROM UNIVERSITY TO APPLY FOR CHEVENING AT THIS POINT. Give preference to Universities in your application, which you feel is the brightest chance of getting admission. But you can change the selection later at the interview stage.

You must ensure that you meet the minimum work-experience requirement for the scholarship before submitting your Chevening application. Chevening Scholarships require that applicants have at least two years of work experience.

If you do not already have the required level of work experience, you will be unable to submit your application.

The types of work experience that are eligible for Chevening can include Full-time employment, Part-time employment, Voluntary work, and Paid or unpaid internships.

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Work experience can be completed before, during, or after graduating from your undergraduate studies. However, any mandatory employment that counted towards your undergraduate or postgraduate course would not be eligible.

You do not need to meet the work experience requirement in one period of employment. Applicants can submit up to ten different employment periods to meet the requirement. If you have held more than ten positions, please enter the periods that make up the most significant number of hours worked.

  • Chevening Scholarships – two years’ work experience = 2,800 hours
  • Return to your country of citizenship for a minimum of two years after your award has ended. It covers tuition fee, monthly living allowance as well as return air ticket.


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MEXT is a Japanese Government Scholarship for both MS and PhD, covering almost all engineering, non-engineering, social sciences, and life sciences. For MEXT, you don’t need IELTS/TOEFL, and you can apply using the English Proficiency Certificate issued by your respective university. You need to submit your field of study and research plan, along with your application.

The scholarship covers your tuition fee, stipend (144000 yen per month for MS students), air ticket as well as provide you visa assistance.

Initially, applications are submitted to the Japanese embassy, which does the initial screening. The Japanese diplomatic missions will conduct the First Screening of applicants by examining submitted application documents, written tests of language proficiency, and interviews. The subjects of written examinations of language proficiency will be Japanese and English. All applicants must take both subjects. The Japanese language examination will be used to reference the Japanese-language preparatory education provided after the grantee arrives in Japan.

Applicants who pass the first screening shall directly contact Japanese universities in which they wish to enroll and request provisional acceptance. Applicants who pass the first screening shall submit a completed Placement Reference Application Form to the Japanese diplomatic mission. The deadline for submission of this form varies according to each Japanese diplomatic mission. MEXT conducts a second screening and university placement. Applicants who pass the second screening and have an accepting university will be accepted as a MEXT Scholarship grantee. Results are notified to applicants via the Japanese diplomatic mission.

MEXT Research Scholarship

Turkey Burslari

It covers tuition fees, residence, health insurance, air ticket, and a monthly stipend of 1100 TL per month. For masters, the scholarship is usually offered for three years (1 year is for the Turkish language for two years for MS). In application, you need to write a letter of intent, area of study, your working title and, its analysis and research methodology you will adopt.

Your intended field for master’s degree must match your undergraduate degree, as you cannot enter the priority universities yourself. Instead, the university list will show up based on your undergrad degree, and you will have to choose from them.

IELTS/TOEFL and GRE are not compulsory at the time of application but are highly recommended. It increases your changes as most universities require TOEFL and GRE score for admission in Turkey (Most universities accept TOEFL in turkey, and only a few accept IELTS). You don’t need acceptance from any university. You will be automatically placed in the university of your choice (you selected in your application). If you don’t have the TOEFL/GRE and your intended university requires it for admission, you must submit these documents at the interview time.


Turkey International Master Scholarships

  1. Sabanci University 

Sabanci University also offers scholarships to international students covering tuition fee, monthly stipend as well as dormitories. The scholarship includes an allowance of 2500 TL and provides a dormitory (room for double), both for ten months (scholarship is not offered in summers) as the turkey is cheap so you can have enough savings to manage two months on your own. For admission, you need to have GRE (Quant. Min 153) and TOEFL both. The advantage is that NTS/GAT is also accepted for the application if you have a minimum of 65.

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2. Koç University 

The tuition fee for all the students admitted to the master’s program is 0 TL, so every master student gets a 100 % fee waiver. The top student also receives the stipend of 1500 TL/month and 750 TL/month housing aid. Also, the scholarship covers health insurance and travel grants for scientific travels. It would be best if you had GRE and TOEFL (IELTS is not accepted)

3. Bilkent University 

Bilkent University Scholarship invites international students who want to pursue a master’s degree at Bilkent University, Turkey. You need to have GRE (Quant min. 153) and TOELF/IELTS (IELTS of 6.5 with no less than 5.5 is accepted). THE minimum CGPA required to apply for the graduate program is 2.8 on a scale of 4.00. The scholarship covers tuition fees and a monthly stipend of 300 TL/month, and housing.

Note: There are also many universities in turkey. You can search for them. They offer various fee waivers. We have just added common ones.

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Middle East Technical University, Turkish Republic of North Cyrus Campus (METU NCC) 

METU NCC is the second campus of Middle East University Ankara, Turkey, located in north Cyprus. Its application period opens twice a year for both the Fall and Spring Semester.

It offers five master’s degree programs:

  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Political Science and International Relations (PSIR)
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (SEES)
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (E.E.E.)
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Engineering (C.N.G.)
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

METU NCC offers various university Scholarships: 

  • Graduate Research Scholarships (which partially or wholly cover tuition fees)
  • Graduate Assistantships (tuition fee full waiver and provide wages for assistantship work and some additional benefits).

General Requirements:

  • Original undergraduate degree diploma or letter certifying graduation
  • Official undergraduate transcript
  • Motivation letter
  • Official English Language Proficiency Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Official ALES certificate (For Turkish Citizens)
  • Passport for applying


Its application is online. You just have to upload the required things and submit them. Kindly go through the following link for applying and further details carefully.


There are various other universities at northern Cyrus which is under Turkish governments, such as:

  • Dogu Akdeniz Üniversitesi
  • Yakin Dogu Üniversitesi
  • Girne Amerikan Üniversitesi
  • Lefke Avrupa Üniversitesi

Inno-Energy International Master Scholarships 

The European Company for Innovation, Business creation, and Education in Sustainable Energy. They offer Masters Energy-related Scholarships focusing mainly on Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.

With this Scholarship, you will get a double Master’s Degree because you will study for two years at two different universities/countries across Europe. It now consists of Eight Energy-Related Masters programs.

The participation fee for students in intake 2020 was €15,000 per year. All accepted students are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of €250.

This Scholarship opens in 3 rounds, generally from November to March in which they offer 1 and 2 rounds which give Scholarships while the Last round has very limited Scholarship only fee Waivers. The classes start typically in September every year. The application for a Scholarship is online only.

Their Major Scholarship is Academic Excellence Scholarship:

  • €15.000 participation fee waiver + €750 monthly allowance for the duration of your studies
  • €15.000 participation fee waiver

Academic Excellence Scholarships are only available to accepted students from Round 1 and 2. They also offer other Fee Waivers.

General Requirements: 

  • A copy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • A copy of your transcript of records
  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL) – In the into energy, you can apply without IELTS/TOEFL and submit its result before the deadline.
  • Your CV or resume · A copy of your Passport
  • Where required, a motivation letter explaining why you wish to apply to the program.
  • Some program requires motivation video also explaining your motivation for the program.


Chinese Government Scholarship 

International Master Scholarships Guide

Chinese Government Scholarship (C.G.S.) is a fully funded Scholarship by the Chinese government. You will not need to pay any Tuition or Dormitory fee to the University during the whole degree program.

You will get a monthly stipend of about 1800 to 2500 RMB (For Masters) and 2000 to 3500 RMB (For P.H.D.).

The procedure for (C.G.S.) is described below in Steps:

Phase-I (Must Complete it before January)

1: You must make an attractive CV and mention everything you have ever achieved in your social life and educational career. (Check How To write an Effective CV?)

2: Prepare a study plan.

3: Find a university in China which offers your degree program, and it must be affiliated with the china scholarship council (C.S.C.)

The list of Chinese Universities affiliated with the C.G.S. file link. Please visit the university website to check whether it offers a study field relevant to you or not.

4: After selecting University, track its faculty and their contacts. The best way to reach faculty is by University Website. Choose a professor who must be associated with your relevant field of study.

5: Email that professor, along with a Nice Message mentioning that you want to study under his supervision, your resume (CV), and Study Plan. Professor will send your acceptance letter or email if the professor refuses to accept you. It would be best if you looked for another professor and sometimes maybe for another university.

6: Apply for a Passport and get it.

** Now you have your Acceptance Letter and Passport in your hand

** Note: Must get your Acceptance letter and Passport before January.

C.S.C. scholarships will be announced in late December or Early January till April

Phase: II 

1: Go to the CSC website when it opens

2: Fill C.S.C. Application Form online on the C.S.C. website. Each and everything is mentioned there in detail.

3: Print Filled Application Form.

4: Arrange two sets of all documents mentioned on the C.S.C. website and send both sets to the University Address for which you have applied.

5: You will receive an email from C.S.C. in June regarding your Acceptance or Rejection for C.S.C. If you are accepted, the University will send a JW202 form to your home.


1: Prepare all your documents required for a Chinese X1 visa.

Korean Government Scholarship 

There are three kinds of scholarships offered by Korea

  • KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program)
  • Professor scholarship
  • University & departmental Scholarship


It is a fully-funded Scholarship by the Korean Government (tuition fee is 100% free + monthly Stipend). Duration: it started from February to April every year, but the deadline varies from University to University. You can directly apply to a specific university. After securing the Scholarship, you can choose a professor from a related department. If you contact the professor before using it, it’s also a better option. But for KGSP, you have to learn the Korean language for one year, and then after that, you can continue your study related to your major.

2. Professor scholarship: 

Firstly, for the professor Scholarship, you have to find the universities offering your program, then you have to shortlist professors related to your research interest. Make an effective CV and write a brief email and showing your interest and passion for the professor. If the professor agrees, then the chances of securing a Scholarship are increased.

3.University and departmental scholarships: 

All universities do not offer them, and it varies from University to University. General Information: · There are two intakes in Korea, 1st in September and 2nd in March. The September intake application period is usually started from February to April (vary University to University) for the March intake application period from September to October.

  • KGSP and professor scholarships are more common.
  • Most programs are MS leading to PHD.
  • Previous Degree Completion is required to apply.
  • IELTS is not compulsory because some universities may accept an English proficiency certificate.

Finland International Master Scholarships 

There is no Finish Government Scholarship offered by Finland, but universities offer different scholarship types for masters.

  • Tuition Fee Wavier 100% + Stipend for living
  • Tuition Fee Wavier 100% only
  • Tuition Fee Wavier 50 or 75 %

Rare universities offer Tuition Fee Wavier 100% + Stipend for the living type of Scholarship.

Mostly give fee waivers. You might have to work part-time at the University or outside to cover your living.

As you are not given Stipend, than you also have to show some bank statement for one year for a residence permit after you are accepted that shows you can cover your living expenses


Go through the link below. It contains each University’s details, application periods, and application procedure. You also have to apply through this link.

General Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree (They require attested Degrees)
  • CV 
  • IELTS/TOEFL Compulsory
  • Motivation Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation

DAAD Germany Scholarship 

International Master Scholarships Guide

It is the Germany International Master Scholarships, which includes funding of 12 to 36 months for the MS or PhD.

‘Only graduates with at least two-year professional experience can apply for this Scholarship’ Depending on an academic level, monthly payments of 850 euros for graduates or 1,200 euros for doctoral candidates. Go through the link, It contains the application period and application procedure in detail.

General Requirements: 

  • Two years of professional experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Euro Pass CV
  • English Language Proficiency Test IELTS/TOEFL Compulsory
  • Motivation Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation

Check DAAD Scholarship in Germany – Fully Funded International Master Scholarships

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program is a scholarship program by the Hungarian Government.

For this Scholarship, you have to apply both at the HEC and through the TPF education ministry of hungry.

You have to create an account on the HEC portal and upload documents for the application, and apply through the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship website, which link is given below.

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholars

For the online application and other details about programs, go through this link. Each detail about requirements and universities is given on this site.

Saudi Arabia

1. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) 

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals offers Scholarships for both Masters as well as PhD students. KFUPM’s online application portal opens twice a year and covers almost every University. The Scholarship covers tuition fees, monthly Stipend, residence, medical, and a subsidized meal at the university cafeteria and returns ticket. For MS, you need a minimum CGPA of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 in your undergraduate degree.

IELTS/TOEFL and GRE are not compulsory at the time of application; however, it is required for the final decision. If you don’t submit these documents, you receive provisional acceptance, and then you have to submit IELTS (min 6.0 for MS)/TOEFL (min. is 68 iBT for MS) and GRE General (min. Quant. is 156, min. Analytical Writing is 4.0).

2. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) 

KAUST offers Scholarships for both Masters as well as PhD students. The Scholarship covers tuition fees, monthly Stipend (ranging between $20,000-30,000 annually, depending on qualifications and progression through degree programs), residence, medical, and the subsidized meal at the university cafeteria and returns ticket.

IELTS/TOEFL is required while GRE is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged and will enhance your selection chances.

A review committee will ensure your application is complete and fit your selected program of application. Following a faculty academic assessment of your application, you may be invited to interview. The interview is an integral part of the application process. It must be considered a competitive step in demonstrating your motivation and a good fit for the program and the University. A committee consisting of KAUST administrators and faculty will conduct the interview either via SKYPE video chat or in-person, depending on your location. All applicants will be notified of their decision by email.

3. King Abdul-Aziz University (KAU) 

The postgraduate program of KAU Scholarships are full-time international master scholarships covering tuition fees, monthly Stipend (SR 900) accommodation, and the medical, subsidized meal, and accommodation support. The Scholarship also provides preparation allowance (SR 1800) on arrival in Saudia, MS thesis printing allowance (SR 3000), and other financial support where necessary. An IELTS score of 5 or a TOEFL iBT score of 61 is required to apply for the Scholarship. There is no deadline for the KAU scholarship, but the applications’ screening takes two times a year.

Hammad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) 

HBKU invites application to pursue Bachelor’s, Masters, and PhD in Qatar. Scholarship includes QAR 5000 Stipend/ Month+ Accommodation+ Return Ticket/Year for master student. You can apply based on English Proficiency Certificate issued by your University.


Politecnico di Milano is a university located in Italy, which provides university-based scholarships to international students. You need a minimum of 3.3 for being eligible for POLIMI. Anything less than this GPA will not at all be accepted. Once the online application form is completed, take a print out and sign it. You have to send this document and an attested Grades Transcript of Bachelors to the university by courier/post (try Pakistan post as I have sent copies to polimi and were received by the university. It was cheap as I sent documents in just 230 PKR but required two weeks to deliver the documents, so plan accordingly. TCS takes less time but expensive), Transcript of Bachelors must be attested by the university registrar or HEC (Notarized documents are not accepted).

IELTS certificate is necessary for Pakistani students. It will be required for Merit Scholarship (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) as well the Italian Study Visa Requirement for a master’s degree.

It offers two types of scholarships: Merit-based and Financial based (DSU). For merit-based scholarship, there are three categories, including Platinum, Gold, and Silver scholarship. These two links (links 1, Link 2) provide complete procedures and details of both the scholarships.

Irish government scholarship

Government of Ireland Scholarships are prestigious and famous scholarships for international students to pursue a Masters in Ireland managed by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

The scholarship is only for the duration of 1-year; the HEA will award a scholarship fund to the student amounting to €10,000 for one study year. This fund is directed at covering student costs and living expenses. The scholarship is mostly for one year of a taught master’s degree program. The scholarship will give a FULL fee waiver to the student for the scholarship year (i.e., tuition fee and registration charge are waived). This Pdf file contains all the information regarding the scholarship.

Looking forHow to apply for International master scholarships?, Top 10 Most Prestigious Scholarships programs.


Sweden is home to world-class universities offering Masters in almost all the fields. Universities offer only fee-waiver, which varies from university to university, e.g., KTH offers up to 100% tuition fee waiver while Chalmers offers up to 75% fee-waiver. You can apply using an English proficiency certificate not to need IELTS to apply in Sweden.

Applications are made through a common portal for all the universities. There is an application fee of SEK 900 (you can apply to 4 universities/programs with one application fee). You will be considered for fee-waiver for the only one university, which will be 1 st in your preference among the four universities you applied to.

Besides fee-waivers, you can apply for Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP). You need to apply separately for this scholarship, and around 300 scholarships are offered to candidates from 34 countries (Pakistanis are eligible for this scholarship). The scholarship is based on ambition, leadership experience, and strong professional background. You need to submit a separate motivational letter for this scholarship and the motivation letter submitted for the university admissions.

You are eligible for the scholarship only if you have applied to programs suitable for the SISGP. Please follow the link to see the programs ideal for 2020-21

Also, you need to have 3000 hours (2 years) of work experience to be eligible for the scholarship. Good work experience for SISGP includes both full-time and part-time employment (freelancing experience is counted). SISGP covers tuition fees, a monthly stipend of SEK 10,000 per month, a travel grant of SEK 15,000, and cover medical insurance.


1. Khalifa University

Khalifa University of Science and Technology offers Graduate Research / Teaching Assistant (GRTA) scholarships to support qualified international students enrolled in graduate programs. The scholarship provides generous remuneration and benefits that include: Full coverage of tuition fees, medical insurance coverage for students under the Khalifa University visa, support to attend international research conferences. The stipend amount equals to 8,000 AED per month for the master student. Candidate can apply using English Proficiency Certificate. After application, shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview via skype. In the interview, you first have to give a presentation, in which you have to give your introduction, short term career plans, long term career plans, and future goals.

2. UAE University 

UAE is one of the top-ranked universities in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and offers two scholarships to international students: Graduate Research Assistant and Graduate Teaching Assistant. The scholarship includes a tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend as well as medical insurance. A minimum CGPA of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 is required to apply for the scholarship, and an IELTS score of 6.0 is mandatory. The application includes a non-refundable application fee as well.

Poland Government Scholarship 

Poland’s Government offers scholarships to students from selected countries (Pakistani citizens are eligible) to study Master in Poland and is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) Program and will be implemented under the framework of the Polish development assistance.

Poland Scholarship Financial Coverage includes tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend: PLN 1,700 per month for the duration of their studies, Selected Applicants shall also receive PLN 500 to cover the costs of relocating to Poland and PLN 500 to cover the expenses related to drafting their dissertation.

If you have already obtained a master’s degree, you are not eligible for the scholarship. This pdf file contains all the required information as well as the procedure to apply for the scholarship.

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Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (You can directly apply for PhD after Bachelor’s degree) 

The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) aims at attracting the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong’s universities. The Fellowship provides an annual stipend of HK$309,600 (approximately US$39,700) and a conference and a research-related travel allowance of HK$12,900 (about US$1,700) for each awardee for a period up to three years.

Eligible candidates should first make an Initial Application online through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Electronic System (HKPFSES) to obtain an HKPFS Reference Number. Applicants may choose up to two programs/departments at one or two universities for PhD study under HKPFS. Candidate should comply with the admission requirements of their selected universities and programs.

After completing an initial application, applicants should submit full applications for their selected PhD programs to the proposed universities quoting their HKPFS Reference Number before their respective deadlines.

Russian Government scholarship 

The Russian Government also offers a scholarship to international students to study in Russia. For scholarship, you have to go through tests, interviews, and some academic competitions that vary from country to country (I don’t know about the tests as I never applied for this scholarship).

The government scholarship includes free tuition for the entire duration of the chosen program, maintenance allowance (for the whole study duration regardless of the candidate’s success). In 2020, an average scholarship amounted to 1,484 rubles a month and dormitories.

Further information is available on below mention link.



Mexico Government Scholarships for International Students is a Funded Scholarship by the Government of Mexico & will cover the following expenses.

A Monthly Stipend will be Given, Registration and Tuition Fee, Medical Insurance, Cost of Visa, Round Airfare Ticket, Inner City Transport, and Some Free Trips.

All documents and forms must be in Spanish or submitted with translations into Spanish.

You can Apply Online Also. All scholarship applications must be submitted to the Mexican embassy or concurrent embassy of the applicant’s country or the designated Mexican institution. Only applications that fulfill all of the requirements will be considered. (Pakistani students use the embassy in Iran) The English version of all the details regarding the scholarship is in the link.

Eiffel France International Master Scholarships

International Master Scholarships

The French Ministry established the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program for Europe and Foreign Affairs. For Master’s level studies, the Eiffel scholarship includes a monthly allowance of €1,181 and can be awarded for 12-36 months. The program also meets various expenses, including international return trips, national and local transport, health insurance, and cultural activities. Scholarship holders may also receive an additional housing allowance under certain conditions. The Eiffel Programme does not cover tuition fees (as tuition fees for most universities are not high, so you can easily manage it by saving from scholarship).

No application will be accepted for any student who applied previously but was rejected, even if the application is submitted by a different establishment or another field of study. Students who have already been awarded an Eiffel scholarship at the Master’s level are not eligible to re-apply at the Master’s level.

Students cannot apply directly to the Eiffel Scholarship. Applications must be made through a higher education institution. To apply, you must have already been accepted to a program at Sciences Po. For your application to be successful, you must respect our deadlines.

You apply for admissions in French universities, taking students under Eiffel (Choosing one university for final selection).

Must try to apply in the first session of admissions, which means you have to check French university websites for the first application session.

French University that selects you will nominate you as its Eiffel Scholarship candidate to French authorities; French Authorities will give your selection the final decision. You can apply to many French universities but choose only one French university to nominate you. If multiple French universities select you for Eiffel, you will be rejected.

Master:(Select Students tab on the top of the page and go through search), or you can use it (It does not contain all the courses, so still you can find some other courses on University websites.)

Government of Brunei Scholarship 

This scholarship provides an opportunity for students to study for a diploma, undergraduate, and Master’s degree from one of its respectable universities listed below:

  1. University Brunei Darussalam (UBD)
  2. University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA)
  3. University Technology Brunei (UTB)
  4. Polytechnic Brunei (PB)

Terms and Condition:

The general terms and condition are as follows:

  • Exemption of paying tuition fees, including acceptance, examination, registration, and orientation fees for the program’s duration.
  • Economy class air ticket to Brunei for once at the start, of course, and once after the course.
  • Monthly personal allowance BND500$.
  • Monthly meal allowance BND150$.
  • Annual book allowance BND600$.
  • Accommodation at the residential college of the university.


The application procedure is quite simple; you have to fill the Application form, which you can download from this link; you can also find programs offered by universities through this link. You have to complete this form and submitted to this Link.

Applicants must submit their security clearance certificate (police character certificate) Along with their application form, and MOFA must endorse the application form.

The only students focusing on University Brunei Darussalam UBD must have to complete an online application from this portal.

SIIT International Master scholarships Fully Funded

SIIT scholarship Thailand is a fully-funded scholarship for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in engineering, technology, and management at Sirindhorn international institute of technology.

SIIT Scholarships Offers:

Here is the list of expenses cover by this program:

  1. Full tuition and educational support fees.
  2. Living allowance of 10500 baht for masters.
  3. Round trip fare (direct route to Thailand).
  4. Visa Fees, Airport Taxes, up to 10000 Baht, will be given.
  5. Health and Accident insurance will be provided during the scholarship.

Programs Offered: 

You can find offered programs on this link.

Eligibility criteria and required documents:

  • Non-Thai citizen
  • two recommendations one must be academic.
  • SOP
  • CV
  • For Masters transcript with at least GPA is 2.75
  • Passport
  • Recent photographs
  • Applicants who don’t have English proficiency can also apply.


To apply, use the mentioned link, and you can also find further detailed info on this link. Some more International Master scholarships names are given below. You can also search for them:

  • Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
  • University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)
  • Chulabhorn Graduate Institute Scholarships (Thailand)
  • Srilanka Presidential Scholarship (Srilanka)
  • Asian Institute of Technology Scholarship (Thailand)

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