International HDR Main Scholarship at Macquarie University

Don’t struggle too much! You dont need to worry about your higher-education cost. The best Australian University is providing the “International HDR Main Scholarship at Macquarie University” opportunities for funding the cost of study.

These bursaries are available for international students who want to complete their research training programs in Australia.

International HDR Main Scholarship at Macquarie University – Study in Australia

Facing a lot of stress, tension, and the pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19) at last, the world is going back to normal, so it is the best time to start search and applying for international scholarships. Top universities of the world are planned to open their entrances for national and international students soon.

Therefore, the applications for “the 2021 International Research Training Program” and “International Macquarie Research Excellence Scholarship Program (International HDR main scholarship at Macquarie University) are now open! You shouldn’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get an international Scholarship at Macquarie University.

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The selection process for the candidates who wish to access the “International Research Training Program Scholarship (IRTP)” and “International Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (IMQRES)” will also consist of considerations of the Research Environment. However, let’s go-ahead to read out the benefits and criteria of this scholarship program.

Benefits of International HDR Main Scholarship at Macquarie University:

  • Successful IRTP candidates will get the following benefits:
  • The tuition fee for three years’ maximum.
  • Tax-exempt Stipend (indexed annually, 2020 rate $28,092 p.a.)
  • Travel Allowance (applied to local transport “OPAL” Card).

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Successful IMQRES applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • The tuition fee for 3-years maximum.
  • tax-exempt Stipend (indexed annually, 2020 rate $28,092 p.a.)

International HDR Main Scholarship at Macquarie University Criteria:

All aspirants of scholarship need to fulfill the following standards to qualify for scholarship position:

  • The student must be citizens of countries other than Australia/New Zealand.
  • Completed or expect to complete their research-based Masters’s degree in 2020.
  • Are registering as full-time students.
  • The selected candidate will undertake a Masters of Philosophy or Doctorate in 2021.
  • Intend to live in Sydney, Australia, during their scholarship tenure, except on official overseas research leave.

Scholarship holders can:

  • Receive minor grants, allowances, or any other earnings that complement an IRTP or IMQRES, or received from part-time work started within the advices set by the appropriate scholarship conditions.
  • Receive stipend top-up aid from industry or any other means to a maximum equivalent of 75% of the “Basic Research Training Program (RTP)” stipend rate.
  • Be in receipt of extra funds for research (fieldwork), apparatus, and other expenses not covered by the award.

The Awards are not available for the applicants that:

  • Are receiving any other comparable or major award, scholarships or salary to pursue the proposed program
  • Have already finished a higher-degree in research at the same level or a higher level than the offered candidature in the same program of study
  • Provide misleading or false information to the University. Where there is cause to consider this condition has not been upheld, the Scholarship Committee of University has the right to reconsider the student’s entitlement to the award.

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Official Letter and Deadline

The International HDR Main Scholarship at Macquarie University provides international students with a great chance that they should not miss out if they qualify. If you want to find out the scholarship deadline, other details, and submit your online scholarship application form, click on the below-given link and access it to the official website.


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